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We have hundreds of properties in our inventory incluing 2, 3, 4, and 5 BR houses, mobile home parks, small apartment buildings, and small commercial property.  Over 75% of our inventory is available for purchase.  Prices range from $25,000 to approximately $500,000 for current inventory which is available for purchase.

As we are currently raising capital we will sell most any property in our inventory at market value, including discounts for any applicable deferred maintenance.  Rented properties are subject to tenant leases and the lease will convey with the property.

Rent-to-own programs are avaialble for single family properties.  More stringent requirements must be met for rent-to-own as opposed to straight rental, and reasonable expectation of outright purchase within 24 months must apply.

If you're looking for a nice home at a great price, want a duplex allowing you to live in one side while renting the other, or have larger investment aspirations, let us know!

We've been  helping people learn the benefits of real estate ownership for over 40 years and will be happy to help you as well.


Last Updated: 10/5/2014

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