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  Last Updated: 11/02/2009





Key Property Group continues to improve the neighborhoods in which we invest. Below you will find breaking news on our activities and the markets in general in which we are growing.

If you have a newsworthy event you feel we should share here, please let us know.



New Website Released
Welcome to our recently released website. As our companies continue to grow we've found it more and more important to share information with our tenant family, investors, and those with whom we work. We hope that you find this site useful and informative. We have strived to present a clean, uncluttered, well organized site free of advertising and distractions. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts and suggestions.


Rocky Mount Revitalization - Downtown Revitalization - Douglas Block
Our companies focus on areas where revitalization is likely to occur so that we may join with others in the revitalization efforts. There is a major, $10,000,000 grant backed revitalization effort underway in the eastern side of the Rocky Mount downtown that promises to change the character of the immediate area. This is known as the Thomas Block revitalization, located along Thomas Street, one of the main east-west corridors in Rocky Mount. One of our companies acquired two apartment buildings one block from this redevelopment a few years back and has changed the entire character of the apartment complex, to aid in the change of this neighborhood. More...


Rocky Mount Revitalization - Beal Street
Sunset and Thomas Streets are the main east-west corridor in Rocky Mount. The west side of Rocky Mount has been booming in recent years. The downtown and east side have struggled to recover. This corridor connects the booming west side of town to the recovering downtown district. Hence it has become the focus of recent grant backed city investments in cleaning up the inner city. Before the cleanup began, one of our companies acquired the largest apartment building in the area and immediately completed a six figure renovation. The results are stunning! More...


Rocky Mount Revitalization - South Rocky Mount
Numerous affilaites have teamed up to help revitalize a large neighborhood in Rocky Mount, NC which has been severely depressed for nearly 30 years! By teaming up with the local community group and working closely with lenders in the area and various city and county organizations, our affiliates are making great progress in bringing this neighborhood back to its true potential. More...


Rocky Mount Revitalization - Commercial District Growth - Hunter Hill Freeway Project
Approximately five years ago, one of our companies looked at the high level map of Rocky Mount and saw that a strong commercial growth was occuring in a certain area of town, spurred initially by the building of a new WalMart and adjancent shopping center. We approached the largest real estate owner in a small neighborhood of less than ideal real estate which was at the edge of this commercial growth. Construction began in October 2009 to install a freeway right along the edge of the neighborhood increasing the appeal of the neighborhood for commercial growth. More...


Raleigh Revitalization - Historic Oakwood
Several inner city neighborhoods in Raleigh are going through unprecedeted revitalization. One of our companies focuses on these areas and has recently completed a beautiful two unit duplex a block from the main entrance of the beautiful Oakwood Cemetary. Last month the project wrapped up with installation of a beautiful landscaped area. The tenants are enjoying high quality accomodations at very attractive prices. This is just one more example of how we're making a difference in the neighborhoods in which we invest. The thank you's for the neighbors are always welcome too!


Pinetops Revitalization - Leisure Village
Every once in a while we have the opportunity to buy whole neighborhoods. Once such opportunity arose in 2006 and one of our companies closed in 2007. Since that time we've been actively working to renovate the homes in the neighborhood, and to change the character of the area. Working closely with the Town of Pinetops the neighborhood is today one of the most stable areas of rental property in the Town and it continues to improve. Our company has donated the use of vacant land we own at the end of Leisure Lane to allow conversion of the street to a dead end street with cul-de-sac to curb traffic flow thereby improving the appeal of the area for families with small children. Safety is one of our highest concerns and we do all that we can to provide safe living conditions for our tenants.