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In order to help our clients, we carefully screen companies and websites and offer to our clients a list of companies that we feel offer the greatest value. Be sure to check back often as we update this list on an almost daily basis.

If you know of a link you'd like to suggest we include in this list, please contact us right away.





General Real Estate

HUD - The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development website offers a wide selection of important information relative to real estate in the US.

IRS - The Internal Revenue Service. Tons of reference publications on very important matters for the individual or small business owner. Homeowners can find information relative to home ownership and investors can find information pertinent to investment, real estate and otherwise.

NC Real Estate Commision - The North Carolina Real Estate Commission governs the practice of real estate brokerage in the state, and offers consumers a way to obtain free information, even certain legal advice, as related to real estate in NC.

Fannie Mae - Fannie Mae is a government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) chartered by Congress with a mission to provide liquidity, stability and affordability to the U.S. housing and mortgage markets. This website includes helpful information on a variety of topics including tips to help avoid mortgage foreclosure.

Real Estate Investing

Flipping Homes - Steve Cook's website offers a great deal of down to earth, realistic information on real estate investing.

Creative Real Estate Online - one of the largest sites dedicated to the real estate investor.

Deal Maker's Cafe - a robust site offering a lot of resources for the real estate investor.

REI Club - another great site for online communication and learning in REI

Financial Reference and Investing Information

American Association of Individual Investors - an excellent site with lots of reference information. Consider joining this service as the price is an outstanding bargain. - This is an excellent site to help you stay on top of rate changes in the market.

Yahoo! Finance - Lots of resources for the individual investor.

Suze Orman - Check out the Resources tab for useful information.

Kiplinger - Eighty years of financial advice now online.

Equity Trust Company - one of the few financial custodians that offers high yield, non-traditional investment options through your retirement accounts.


Recommended Software

OpenOffice - a free office productivity software suite similar to MS Office.

Mozilla FireFox - a free alternative browser. Excellent alternative to MS Internet Explorer.

CoffeeCup Web Editors - CoffeeCup offers several high quality, low costs website development and management software.

FileZilla - free FTP client, very useful for managing website files.

JZip - a free application similar to WinZip that allows you create and open files compressed using the popular ZIP format.

QuickBooks - one of the best financial management packages for the small and medium sized business. Enterprise versions are also available as well as online versions.

Adobe Reader - a very useful free application essential for reading PDF documents.

Zone Alarm - a free personal firewall to protect your computer from outside intruders. Also available in corporate versions.

Norton AntiVirus - important antivirus software to protect your computer from viruses.

PC BackUp - excellent desktop backup software for creating IMPORTANT backups to your digital data. Based on the robust Veritas BackupExec software architecture.


Personal Health

US Dept of Health & Human Services - lots of resources to assist you in your search for optimal health

Health Square - provides free access to high quality health and wellness information - one of the best online sites for health and wellness information

WebMD Health - an excellent resource for general health related information

Life Extension - a site focused on leading edge topics such as aging research, etc.

Your Healthy Self - a useful site with lots of helpful reference information on personal health.

Simple Living - a site with lots of information and resources to help you simplify your life