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Key Property Group uses several agencies to manage our rental inventory. The application process will vary slightly depending on the agent performing the background check, but in general the background checks will cover the items noted below.

Living History
We will check your living history, which shows addresses where you've lived, and how frequently you've moved. This helps us verify your background in several ways. If you've lived in property managed by our property manager, or another property manager in the area, we are able to verify rental references. If you move frequently we may inquire as to the cause of the frequent moves, as this may indicate a higher risk of short term rental.

Court Records
We check for active court records which could include evictions and other legal proceedings. In general we will not rent to prospective tenants with a history of evictions.

Criminal Check
We check for criminal activity. In general we do not rent to prospective tenants with criminal backgrounds. Items of particular concern are drug or weapons related activities.

Credit Check
We verify credit history. The most important thing we look for on credit history is a pattern of delinquency on new accounts, and particularly landlords that may not have been paid. Our key concern is that you make your rental payment your top priority. Certain items such as cell phone bills and medical bills are not likely to cause denial of rental if other items on the background check area clear.

We verify your income and we count toward your rental qualification any legitimate sources of income. Proof of income in the form of pay stubs, benefit statements, etc. is required. Wages, social security income, food stamps, and disability income are all acceptable forms of income for rental qualification. In general you need approximately 3 times the monthly rental as your minimum income to meet our guidelines.


Last Update: 10/31/2009

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