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General Interest

We are collecting a selection of articles on a variety of topics realative to real estate, such as home ownership discussions, investment trends, etc.


Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing, if properly pursued, can be an excellent way to build a life of financial freedom over time. If pursued recklessly or if insufficient reserves are not accounted for, it can be a risky game. The articles below are devoted to this exciting investment arena and we hope that you will find them useful.


The Deal That Got Away -- Let It Go! - This discusses a topic near and dear to the heart of many serious real estate investors and points out the right perspective you should have when that sweet deal gets away.

Lease Options the Right Way - This article discusses a popular real estate investment technique known as the "rent-to-own" or "lease-option" and brings to light the right way to practice win-win investing.

Net Worth - Dangers for New Real Estate Investors - If you're new to real estate investing READ THIS ARTICLE. It could save your financial future!

Secrets of Winning Real Estate Investments - This article discusses the essential elements that most profitable deals all share in common and that you should look for when evaluating a deal.

The Gut Rehab - This articles points out some of the advantages of fully gutting older properties that you rehabilitate.

Investing in Hot Markets - This article discusses the fact that many investors miss - you can make money in ANY market with real estate investing. The rules change but the game remains profitable as long as you adjust your strategy appropriately.

Money in Mold - This article discusses the topic of mold and points out that investors can make money by bying properties with mold. As with any investment, you just have to do your due diligence first and ensure the investment is solid.

Prehabbing for Big Cash in Hot Markets - This article explores a viable alternative to rehabbing in hot markets.

Realistic Expectations - This article examines critical characteristics of real estate investors that achieve long term success and provides sound advice for anyone building an active real estate investment business or other small business as an entrepreneur.

Real Estate Investors Crossing the Line - This article discusses a topic that is becoming more and more important in the field of real estate investing - the practice of unlicensed real estate brokerage by real estate investors.

Know Your Real Estate Laws - It is critical that real estate investors understand and comply with all legal requirements in the area in which they invest. With the scams and inappropriate activities being conducted in the real estate market throughout the US, this is more important than ever. This article discusses some of the more important matters of concern.

Essential Guidelines for Beginning Investors - This article outlines critical guidelines the beginning investor should consider and follow when starting to build an active real estate investment business.

Perspectives in Real Estate Investing - This article provides numerous perspectives the real estate investor should consider when starting out. Seasoned investors not realizing the success they desire might also benefit from the wisdom in this article.

Repairs or Capital Improvements? - This article touches on a topic that confuses most real estate investors - whether expenditures should be considered a repair and deducted as an expense or whether it must be capitalized and depreciated.

No Equity, No Problem - This article examines the often promoted strategy of buying investment properties with little or no equity.


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